November 21

Bvlgari Bulgari Bulgari series of trapezoidal diamond list

Along with outstanding tabulation plus jewellery brand name, Bvlgari released 2 beautiful gemstone views, System.Drawing.Bitmap to watch out for as well as the woman’s view. Nowadays we are going to expose this particular specifically made for Ladies Bulgari number of trapezoidal gemstone listing.

Bulgaria number of trapezoidal gemstone listing for ladies plus sparkle, it is a listing of the particular tradition Bvlgari a good luxurious meaning, influenced from the nameplate band. Every viewer will be decorated using more than eight hundred bits of rectangle-shaped reduction gemstones include radiance plus elegance to one another, highlighting particular stunning sun rays associated with gentle, along with an accurate Switzerland quartz motion. Dual string sophisticated in order to 18K white-colored precious metal, in order to replicate the exact traditional string framework.

The particular string framework of the class, within people from France known as “nameplate Band (nameplate bracelet)”, the particular Bvlgari style reinterpreted to bring back the previous beauty. Recognized to have sufficient “goddess” put on this particular band, like Ellizabeth Taylor swift (Elizabeth Taylor), Ould – Magnani (Anna Magnani) plus Elegance Kelly (Grace Kelly), within the type of their own enhancement based on putting on much more good contemporary visual style, produced this Bvlgari string collection. Creative type of complicated string framework engineered round the design to be in a position to a lot more versatile.

Bvlgari is not just the actual tour’s biggest jewellery organization, System.Drawing.Bitmap innovator within the view business, each time an organization grows from your initial business right into a brand new industry never handled prior to, it is important would be to possess in this industry in the personal brand name.

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November 20

Rolex and OMEGA competitions in the past 100 years

It is are part of the particular followers from the summer time. The effectiveness of the “old friends” came with each other once again. That will NBA offers joined the particular white-colored very hot fight final. Lately the particular Brazilian municipal modern aviation expert upon airline flight hold off penalties released in order to 88 international airports within the embattled 8 celebration visitors, “We Are usually One” Globe Mug concept track tranquility not really hide the easy listing of abbreviations within routine VERSUS to share the particular important breathing. 4 many years returning to the entire world mug will be gradually opened up the unique drape. Guard beauty!

Besides the group of that nation for his or her personal recognize, various styles of timepieces plus lighting will be filled up with competitors. Previously in order to Hongkong whenever they pay attention to residents stated Rolex plus OMEGA counter tops will never be near to the advantage, therefore the mythical foe condition within we are not even close to the desk lover whenever they sniffed away 1 or 2. No matter company online marketing strategy, allows us to consider the procedure for both of these manufacturers within the good 100 many years within their personal exercise plus contend with one another.

Rolex simply by Hans Wilsdorf within 1908 from the authorized brand name. Brand name creating at the start of the actual watch on the highway rapidly ahead, in 1910. Rolex grew to become the very first granted Switzerland recognized expenses view ranking certification middle associated with Switzerland view. 4 Many years later on, the particular Uk KEW Observatory granted the particular Rolex view A-level certification, in those days, this particular degree is usually routing chronometer to get plus check needs a lot more strict. Since that time, Rolex view is among the most sign associated with exact watch.

Rolex unrevised and contains been low-key, particular globe front runners approach the particular press, however, this individual usually will not take any kind of job interview. Rolex’s viewpoint will be: all of us usually do not state, permit the item to express. Yet low-key does not always mean to not come in the general public, outdoors support associated with sports activities plus artwork, within the Rolex recognized website, item plus business interpersonal obligation in public areas well being actions within every fifty percent. Driven honor, innovative suggested plan, artwork exhibit plus schooling system comprises System.Drawing.Bitmap from the Rolex brand name advertising.

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November 19

Jewelry and the time of different time and how jewelry collocation

To be able to town on their own, jewellery is among the most individuals frequently put on jewellery. 1 day, regardless of whether simply by day time or even night time, can easily see the darkness, therefore 1 day in various period of time, must be why you can match up?

Each day earlier, center plus past due since the gentle differs, the particular putting on associated with jewellery also provide coordinating issue.

Jade, malachite, lapis, turquoise, agate, ruby, coral reefs along with other valuable gemstones jewellery are usually opaque, as well as the red-colored sunlight increases within the atmosphere. Daybreak accepted.

Amethyst, Garnet, Huang Jing, amazingly, aquamarine, tourmaline gemstones plus jewellery are usually coloured plus clear, in midday or even mid-day sunshine, may be expensive unique dazzling wonder, completely screen the particular elegance from the jewellery.

Overnight time could be considered the particular diamonds on the planet, yet dark red, sapphire, beryl, cat’s vision rock, like Moonstone jewel jewellery at night ought to first appearance.

Alexandrite jewellery will be night and day may be placed on, using overnight time environment a lot more unified. Generally, gem plus diamonds, eventually is encouraged to put on.

The actual necklace continues to be obtained, really thrilled. Instantly towards nearby jewellery shop associates recognize! Amazed, that will necklace is extremely great really worth! A great deal less costly within your local store to purchase, We specifically capable to listen to this particular. Customer support can also be extremely skillful, solution.

November 18

Interpretation of classic Cartire jewelry inheritance to attain perfect handicraft

Hundred years Cartire masters to inherit from generation to generation top technology, beyond the era of design style and aesthetic value, foil temple reputation.

Each Cartire senior jewelry workshop skilled craftsmen, also is the most precious treasure palace level brand: with over ten years of experience, and the precious stones thoroughly, unique artistic understanding; in the inheritance of the traditional French jewelry handicraft skills over, they continue to create new skills to achieve unique design, into life as a gemstone, make Cartire beautiful works can be swept the world.

Point of presence inlaid diamond beauty to the maximum extent, it is the masterpiece of the masters hundred years: platinum metal can be so hard precision covering every diamond, stabilize the shedding and does not affect the diamond itself technique, light is reflected as the acme of perfection. But the small edge inlaid diamonds with sharpened goose feather stalk were polished, these interesting tools from Cartire ancient crafts heritage.

The process of making jewelry handmade, concerns the minority is diamond cutting machine. The diamond is the hardest gem, therefore can only use the same hard diamond cutting: the former will be fixed in diamond machine, adjust the tilt angle, the height, to achieve the desired effect.

Carter senior jewelry series: a manifestation of extreme beauty, perfect to show the fine diamonds, from the dense diamond rings can show the bright light.

November 17

Occasionally, rove all over the world, with different modes of travel guide table

In the face of the hustle and bustle of the city, the complicated communication, follows the same pattern of life rhythm, occasionally left, occasionally rove all over the world, how desirable but always unattainable thing. Once, we often hear that “there is time no money, money when there is no time”, in front of the objective reality, we always habitually silent keep the original rules continue to move forward, in fact we lack is the courage, is just an occasional indulgence oneself travel.

Travel, the mood is relaxed, cultivate character, rich experience and most efficient way to travel, not necessarily a long vacation, weekend also can, even if it is a bike free around. After many years, when you open the back of dust laden album, will be surprised I have experienced those dribs and drives. Time, the weather is the most important factor in travel, a good allocation table, will allow you to travel more smoothly, appropriate plans with reasonable time, make your travel more fulfilling and meaningful.

To go on an outing this weekend is one of relax best way, and does not charge what the best time, ride a bike, get a little place, a day to complete, a little further with a tent, a backpack, or directly to a farmhouse, and the outskirts of the night can come to a close contact, also can yet be regarded as a kind of fun. Barbecue, fishing, swimming, bonfire party and so on, the project can still be fertile. Biking, I recommend the CASIO G-Shock GDF-100BTN-1 watches, CASIO and famous skateboard brand launch of Burton outdoor leisure functional watch, resin material, very lightweight, artificial leather with nylon strap, double lock pin buckle strap with a thermometer, pressure gauge, altitude instrument and other functions, as well as life waterproof. At the same time with a bright glow, positioning itself is suitable for outdoor leisure, function can be in many outdoor projects, but swimming is needed submersible type can. This table is very apt for school or just graduated, fashion, young and full of personality, is the vigor faction exclusive.

Casio earlier to enter the Chinese market. It G SHOCK series of early known. Land series can prevent mud, magnetic, electronic compass, world time, temperature and other functions, also has automatic backlight, low battery warning and other auxiliary functions.

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November 15

Emma Watsonpedabo the Dragon series ring to attend the ELLE Fashion Award

Recently, the ELLE Fashion Award (ELLE style awards) on schedule to open the gorgeous prologue. That night the stars, star studded, British actress Emmma Watson (Emma Watson) is dressed in fashionable modelling became the focus of the red carpet, simple fashion makeup, adapted to the unique personality of black skirt perfect foil Emma fresh temperament.

Broughton (Boucheron) jewelry brand classic QUATRE White series ring became only the evening wear jewelry accessories, city of Victoria decoration amazing, the pioneer trichromatic Jin and elegance of Hyceremic high precision ceramic independent fusion, will Emma distinctive personal style show without involuntary discharge of urine, accompany the awarded “actress of the year” award.

QUATRE white series of narrow version of the diamond rings. Bai Kjin, rose gold and yellow gold and BOUCHERON unique high precision ceramic flooring inlaid with 34 diamonds, 0.26 carat
QUATRE White series ring retains the special decorative pattern of QUATRE series, but the coffee colored BOUCHERON gold replaced texture unique Hyceremic high precision ceramic, the material is than the general ceramic solid, through adding special ingredients, creating a more moist texture, more shining luster. The combination of Huang Kjin, white gold and rose gold and white high precision ceramics, creates a fresh and romantic color, gives the QUATRE series of new fashion look, let the fingers touch of white highlight your modern elegance.

Buchanan is a French group quasi jewelry company. In 1858, 28 years old designer Boucheron created its own brand, and in Paris the most fashionable royal palace area opened a boutique, designed a lot of valuable jewelry, watches and perfume. In twenty-first century, Boucheron adhere to the brand of traditional connotation and unique, has become synonymous with gold and luxury of modern jewelry.

November 14

The first date, for entering the job market to buy Watches

Everyone is eager for success. Today’s society is a cohesive whole, and is the only way to success for most of the workplace people inevitable. To do anything, a good start is of particular importance, mixed career also is such, that time entering the job market is always one of the fastest growing and most memorable. This group of people recently entered the workplace should be mostly after 90, in Chinese society “the beat generation” is a hereditary title, each generation in not enough to prove himself before, only the glorious hang it on the head, 90 hind people of course is no exception.

Small make up is also a ride in the 90 threshold of the workplace rookie, everything is now experiencing all rookie who had experienced or will experience, when 90 were dubbed the “Beat Generation” name, our heart that we are “not to be understood in the generation”. Just out of school have stepped into the workplace rookie contains the passion is the more workplace temper veterans who are difficult to understand, look at the “Naruto”, “one piece” grow up we very characteristics of the new era, self-centered and also for the collective honor and team goals and struggle, both with all the new things are curious entertainment spirit, and dare Ganpin decisive momentum.

Poem goes “Jiangshan with talent, the talent for hundreds of years, and now the rookie is the future leader of the era, finishing up their dress, wearing his love table, full of vigor and vitality in the face of the next every day, is the beginning of a good career. The Buddha by gold, clothes make the man, remember before the fire is a movie “Chinese partners”, the protagonist Cheng Holly University Teachers’ appearance and later suit dress simply Panruoliangren, dressing change not only simple look pleasing to the eye, people also become confident, therefore lose the “Beat Generation” hat, the most simple is to start from their packaging. No matter when, look at the wrist through a pointer or skip figure, tell yourself now is now time to belong to our age.

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November 13

This moment is also drunk wearing a watch to travel

With the wind howling autumn, leaves open the music rise and dance in a happy mood in the air. Immediately will also enter the snow in winter. Wrapped in a heavy coat, with a warm scarf, who busy work late at the office, your passion for life Is it right? Become less and less, more and more lazy? Below let’s watch home with you to temporarily relax, imagine the next will go to the tourist city and the beautiful natural scenery, let us take the watch to bug out.

If you can’t go to play near distance, the movement pour also interesting, about small partners to hiking, cycling can relax, said sports passion, wild style, it is easy to think of the tag higher Monaco, emotion feeling passion and collision exciting source in racing life. In March 3, 1969, Monaco Series in Geneva and New York also released, shocked the lab community.

Dial design perfectly this watch, the soul is longing. This picture is playful and fun little illustration raises the imagination, God is in such a hurry to arrive? A butterfly is towing a small angel, hurried is perhaps the pursuit of magnificent love maybe is the pursuit of a better world of freedom. Wearing the watch to travel, to give yourself a fanciful mood, looking forward to the journey of the colorful harvest. Life is so, each time can be seen as a starting point, will be able to harvest much more scenic place, precious memories more.

TAG Heuer is a really nice watch. The brand belongs to the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH (LVMH) group. The company has the formidable backing support, excellent in watches the R & D work, every year there are new works impressive.

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November 12

Blancpain Tourbillon haute couture diamond

The manufacturer “Baguette” (the first stone inlay engineering oblong diamonds to the fantastic engineering embedded in the view, with its There’s nothing equivalent to this senior jewellery inlaid strategy and seven time energy storagecomputerized chain 25A mechanism, supplies a senior custom jewellery and senior custom dining table pinnacle. )

Obviously, a higher value a little more Tourbillon view is a unique situation, it’s not all a turbidity can achieve the same exciting value. But in most cases, with tourmaline watches value efficiency, must be significantly more than hundreds of hundreds of an incredible number of. Lange (A. Lange & S, HNE) Cabaret Tourbillonresearch value 2000000 yuan, depends Tourbillon Relatif enamel colored generalTourbillon for the price tag on 4680000, Audemars Pigeut Elegant Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon Chronograph value fairly minimal, but also achieved 370000 yuan. Watch rates recently has been an upward tendency, in China, second level brands of the planet watches the annual value improve of at the least 1occasions, most would pick in the 3 or 4 month, or standard get a handle on in 10% less than, the greatest purpose inside this really is added and hedging watches.

The particularity of Tourbillon view, just let it end up being the temperature collection, which presented the apple assures for the leaping rates of the tourmaline.Nevertheless, the present Tourbillon of global industry, the purchase price has great difference reveals the traits in the high-end and low-end two places.Switzerland’s prime view factory Tourbillon view value is in generally hundreds of hundreds to an incredible number of over, with the connotation of method, more fine strict complex standard and view factory’s possession manufacturer, these platforms to occupy thehigh-end industry turbidity. Appropriately, Tourbillon domestic in the purchase price is significantly less than the Swiss manufacturer, although in function and not much difference, however the value is typically within 100000. Anyway, generally Tourbillon view value is larger than the uniform view, and this was already demonstrated by the marketplace.

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November 11

Christie’s First Online-Only Watches Sale: Something for Everyone!

Something special is in the process of happen at Christie’s and you don’t want to miss out. For the first time ever, Christie’s is having an online-only watches sale called the essential Watch Collection, accessible here. Being held from October 1-8th, the auction will feature iconic models across major brands. You might think that means you are required to come up with some major cash to participate. The cool thing about this online-only sale is that there is something for everyone, from first time buyers to experienced collectors. Estimates start out at $1,500 (yes, it is true) and top out at $30,000. Created and vetted by Christie’s watch specialists, the 22 lots represent the best in class and include both dress and sport watches. The lots were chosen based on what we would always want to wear ourselves. It was difficult to choose which watches to feature because they are all special in their own right. Here are but a few of the treats available.

From the history and development of Rolex, rolex watches status as its logo in China generally “crown” eternal. In the 20th century era of mechanical watches, Rolex has always been a leader in the global watch industry.

Rolex 1665 “Great White” Sea-Dweller

Rolex enthusiasts are notorious for giving nicknames to their watches. This model Rolex 1665 Sea-Dweller is referred to as the “Great White” to differentiate it from its relative the “double red” Sea-Dweller. While the “double red” has two lines written in red text, the “Great White” only has one line in white. Circa 1977, this specimen with a gorgeous ivory patina most likely saw some action adventure under the sea because back then it was only professionals who bought these dive watches.

IWC first released the Ingenieur in 1955. It was intended for scientists and other personnel working around high magnetic fields. To protect the watch from magnetizing, IWC came up with the solution of placing the movement in a soft-iron inner case. To this day, the Ingenieur is an important model in IWC’s lineup. This crisp example from 1958 brings you back to the beginning. Notice the cool lightning bolt through the “Ingenieur” signature above 6 o’clock.

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